Centenium Advisors leverages its extensive global network to identify vanguard investment managers with innovative strategies aligned to meet its investors’ investment objectives. The principals work collaboratively and the Firm’s success is the result of the trusted relationships established with foundation, endowments and family offices, as well as corporate pension funds and other institutional investors.

Centenium Advisors maintains a proprietary database comprised of detailed contact and portfolio information for more than 2,500 institutional investors. The database includes the major U.S. university endowments and foundations, corporate and public pension funds, family offices and consultants. The principals have developed long-term relationships within these organizations and maintain a regular dialogue with the senior investment professionals - as the Firm has become a recognized source for vanguard investment managers. This extensive network of relationships has enabled Centenium Advisors’ managers access to some of the largest and most active U.S. institutional investors with innovative investment programs and long-term investment horizons.